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Synopsis Robinson Crusoe (2016)

Robinson Crusoe (released in the United States as The Wild Life) is a 2016 Belgian-French 3D PC enlivened experience comic drama film. It was discharged by StudioCanal on 30 March 2016 in Belgium and 20 April 2016 in France. 


On a little segregated South Pacific Island, Mak, a parrot and his companions carry on with the ideal life. Blue skies, wonderful turquoise water, and bunches of scrumptious foods grown from the ground creepy crawlies. In any case, each day is the same and Mak is truly exhausted. Persuaded there is more than simply water into the great beyond, he longs for leaving his little heaven and investigating the world. At that point one day, after a rough typhoon, they wake up to locate a tremendous boat separated on the shoreline. 

Two interesting animals rise up out of the insides of the wreck: Robinson Crusoe and his canine, Aynsley. Unbeknownst to everybody, two fierce felines have likewise survived the tempest. They are resolved to take control of the island and make the human pay for the years of awful treatment they needed to persevere as ratters in the obscurity of the boat's structure. 

Gradually however unquestionably the islanders drop their gatekeepers and welcome the newcomers to their island. Until one day, the felines with different litters of adolescents choose to put a conclusion to it all and wreak destruction on their little bit of Eden.

Sinopsis Indonesia

Di sebuah pulau kecil, Tuesday (David Howard), seekor burung kakaktua tinggal bersama teman hewan lainnya. Tuesday bercita-cita untuk menjelajahi dunia. Setelah diterpa badai kencang, Tuesday dan temannya menemukan sosok asing di pantai: Robinson Crusoe (Yuri Lowenthal). Tuesday segera melihat Crusoe sebagai tiket keluar dari pulau itu untuk menjelajah ke daratan lain. Sebaliknya, kunci keselamatan Crusoe ada di tangan Tuesday dan kawan-kawan.

Awalnya tidak mudah, namun perlahan hidup mereka berjalan dengan harmonis sampai kemunculan dua kucing liar yang ingin menguasai pulau. Pertempuran pun terjadi melawan para kucing, sampai akhirnya Crusoe dan para hewan menemukan kekuatan sesungguhnya dari persahabatan.

Synopsis Robinson Crusoe (2016)Director: Vincent Kesteloot, Ben Stassen
Producer: Gina Gallo, Mimi Maynard, Domonic Paris, Ben Stassen, Caroline Van Iseghem
Writter: Lee Christopher, Domonic Paris, Graham Welldon
Starring: Matthias Schweighöfer, Kaya Yanar, Cindy aus Marzahn, Dieter Hallervorden, Aylin Tezel
Production company: nWave Pictures, uFilm
Distributor: StudioCanal
Release dates: 5 February 2016 (Brussels Animation Film Festival), 30 March 2016 (Belgium), 20 April 2016 (France), 9 September 2016 (United States)
Running time: 90 minutes
Country: Belgium, France
Language: English, French, German

Matthias Schweighöfer as Robinson Crusoe
Kaya Yanar as Papagei Dienstag
Cindy aus Marzahn as Tapir Rosie
Aylin Tezel as Stachelschwein Epi
Dieter Hallervorden as Ziegenbock Zottel

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